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Research & Development


FCA continues to work through the Farmers Irrigation District and Gilkes Hydro to model the performance of the Farmers Screen using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The first round of modeling has been performed on small screens, and FCA expects to engage in modeling large-scale screen performance in 2017. CFD modeling continues to be a significant asset to partners considering a large-scale screen installation as well as agency partners concerned about working with a “new” technology.

Fish Testing

FCA expects to begin additional Sensor Fish testing of larger-scale Farmers Screens in 2017. These studies, to be completed in partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Labs and Australian universities, will quantify G-forces and barometric impacts on fish as they pass over the Farmers Screen. FCA will use Sensor Fish data in conjunction with additional computational fluid dynamics modeling being completed by Gilkes Hydro to create a three-dimensional model of water flows through the screen. FCA is looking forward to using this modeling to improve on past success in managing sediment and debris, protecting fish at all life stages, and minimizing operations and maintenance costs.