80 CFS Custom Design



This screen supplies water to multiple hydropower generation facilities. The reliability of the Farmers Screen has allowed for increased hydropower revenue for the District as well as a major decrease in operation and maintenance costs.


Full-scale tests included hydraulic tests, debris-loading tests, and biological tests to evaluate injury or mortality to chinook and steelhead fry and smolt.

Kelts were also released over the screen for evaluation. Test evaluations included velocity and depth tests, as well as evaluation of scale loss, injury, and delayed mortality to fish. The results of the tests demonstrated that the horizontal flat plate screen does not cause injury or mortality when designed and operated in accordance with design parameters. In addition, the tests and continued operation of the screen have demonstrated that the debris loading has been reduced up to 95% with a corresponding decrease in operation and maintenance costs. When operating under proper hydraulic conditions, the screen requires little to no cleaning.