30 CFS Dual Custom Design

Coe Creek

Coe Creek

A prime bull trout stream fed by runoff from the Coe Glacier on Mt. Hood, this project was designed to address large quantities of fine sediment and withstand seasonal debris flows.


In 2006, Middle Fork Irrigation District began the process of designing and permitting the removal of their dam on Coe Creek and the construction of a new fish screen.

This diversion is located in the Mt. Hood National Forest. It supplies irrigation water for agriculture and produces hydropower. The project included removing the dam (which was a passage barrier), installing rock weirs for grade control, restoring the stream channel, and installing a custom Farmers Screen with a sediment control system.

The restored stream allows for up and downstream passage in the stream channel. The Farmers Screen allows the district to manage sediment much more effectively while greatly reducing their maintenance requirements.