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Survey Guide

Fish Screen Site Evaluation:

A Guide to Your Site Survey

 A site survey at some level is essential for developing a successful project.  Whether using a Total Station to develop a detailed site plan or a simple laser level, there are some crucial pieces of information to gather.  The following is a list of the most important survey points to obtain:

  • Record top of water elevations and ordinary high water in host stream 100’ above and below point of diversion.  If possible, develop cross sections of the stream channel.
  • Record the following elevations in the conveyance ditch; top of bank, ordinary high water, top of water, and invert of ditch, and width of ditch, from point of diversion 100 feet upstream and downstream of proposed screen site location at 10 ft. intervals.
  • Record the tops of all in-water structures such as a headgate, diversion structure, or an existing screen structure.
  • Record all structures located on the project site
  • Survey surrounding area in order to provide sufficient information to develop a topographic map of the project site
  • Identify best route for a fish return pipe or channel back to the stream.  Record the distance.
  • Identify any trees that would need to be removed in order to gain access to proposed screen site or to install any infrastructure.   Include the size and species of the tree.
  • Identify access route to the site including grade, surface composition, and any potential hazards for access by cement trucks, or other equipment.