Bob LeBlanc, Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery manager

Farmers Screen Installations

To date, FCA has installed 28 Farmers Screens in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Together, these screens have saved their owners at least $493,700 annually in avoided operation and maintenance costs.

FCA Client Testimonials

Fish Screen Reviews from FCA past clients

FCA is proud of our quality customer service, and of the significant savings and benefits that the Farmers Screen™ provides to our customers.  Here are just a few of the comments FCA’s customers have made about their experiences installing new Farmers Screens on their diversions:

“This screen has worked flawlessly….I’m very pleased with it. We’ve used a lot of fish hatchery screens over the last 35 years, and this one by far is the most productive and trouble free. Good job, FCA.”

– Bob LeBlanc, Hatchery Manager, Crystal Lakes Fish Hatchery. More from Bob here:


“It was like night and day – actually quite a dramatic change with things being a lot less labor-intensive. During the first big rain storm after the install, I actually woke up a couple of times in the night because I thought our alarm system must have been broken.”

– Hatchery manager Duane Banks, quoted in the January/February 2010 issue of Hatchery International


“A perfect fit … FCA has done a wonderful job on this screen, and I can’t say enough good about the organization.”

– Three Sisters Irrigation District manager Marc Thalacker, quoted in the June 2011 issue of Western Farmer Stockman magazine. More from Marc in this video:


“As we began developing the project several years ago, we quickly realized how difficult it would be to find a low maintenance fish screen design that would work well on Whychus Creek.  The FCA screen has proven to be the perfect solution – it works well with the bedload, under variable flow conditions and with very little maintenance. We’re thrilled with how well the screen has performed.”

– Upper Deschutes Watershed Council project coordinator Mathias Perle, quoted in FCA’s press release dated February 6, 2012


“It is exceeding our expectations.”

– Middle Fork Irrigation District manager Craig DeHart, quoted in the February 2011 issue of The Ruralite Magazine