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Purchasing Options

FCA is dedicated to a smooth and efficient process, no matter which way you chose to purchase a Farmers Screen™. In any case, we are available for thorough initial evaluations and support through implementation.

Purchase directly from FCA

Buying a Farmers Screen™ through FCA is a great choice as it provides a seamless process, project oversight, and efficient management of the project. We have on-staff engineers, project managers, and installation crews that are experts in the technology and installation process.

Work with an engineering or consulting firm of your choice

Do you have an engineering firm you prefer to work with? No problem, FCA works proactively and cooperatively with many engineering firms. We can play a support role at any stage if needed.

Work through Local, State, or Federal Resource Agency

FCA partners with many state and federal agencies to plan and install the Farmers Screen™. We are familiar with how to navigate permitting and ensure success with agencies.

Work through a Watershed Council, Soil & Water Conservation District, or Non-Governmental Organization

FCA has a great history of partnering with a wide variety of stakeholders on local, state, regional, and national levels to ensure successful installations of the Farmers Screen™.

We look forward discussing these options with you. Please call us: 541.716.6085 or email us: