To support sites that have low gradient and limited bypass water, FCA is supporting sales for Hydrolox™ Screens.

Hydrolox™ is an engineered polymer traveling water screen that is proven to exclude debris and reduce harm to aquatic life. The Hydrolox Screen is easy to install, requires virtually no maintenance, and addresses the needs of water-extracting facilities across all industries.

Benefits Hydrolox Screens include:

  • Designed to operate 24/7/365
  • Proven to last up to five times longer than traditional chain-driven steel screen systems
  • 40% lighter than comparable steel screens
  • Designed to operate virtually maintenance free
  • Improved cleaning and debris removal capabilities
  • Reduced risk of biofouling and ice adhesion
  • Innovative, unique design features
  • Proven in field and laboratory tests to offer outstanding protection for aquatic life

To learn more about Hydrolox screens, please go to: