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Agriculture Efficiencies Consulting

The infrastructure that delivers water to farms represents one of the greatest opportunities for conservation of water resources.  Improving water diversion and delivery systems saves water, can reduce energy consumption, and can improve operational efficiencies.

Identifying all of the opportunities for system efficiency improvements as well as quantifying the potential costs and benefits is the essential first step for any farmer, rancher, or irrigation district that is interested in improving their system to save water, energy, or operational costs.  For many farmers, ranchers, and irrigation managers, time and resources are tight and therefore a detailed analysis of their system can be difficult to justify.

FCA’s Agricultural Efficiencies Consulting Services provide a detailed assessment of irrigation diversion and delivery systems that will allow an operator and potential funders to make informed decisions regarding system improvements.

While every system and situation will have different needs, the process for conducting an assessment will follow the same general outline.  After an initial meeting to determine scope, timeline, and expected outcomes, FCA will conduct a full evaluation of the system through both physical inspections and other information gathering activities including interviews with relevant parties. This work will result in a written report including:

  • Summary of issues and concerns from interviews and system inspection
  • Description of the system including physical, operational, and regulatory issues
  • Description of potential system efficiency improvements including potential water savings, operational improvements, regulatory compliance, and energy savings with a cost benefit analysis and timeline.
  • Ranking of projects in terms of cost benefit analysis
  • Identification of potential funding issues
  • Identification of any potential hydro electric project within the irrigation system infrastructure

FCA is uniquely suited to provide practical analysis that incorporates both the irrigator perspective as well as the perspectives of resource agencies and other stakeholders.  The staff members at FCA have a range of experience including practical experience operating irrigation and hydro diversions, managing piping, fish screening, and other capital improvement projects, permitting and fundraising for irrigation and hydro capital improvement projects, quantification of potential water savings, as well as coordinating communication and managing project implementation for irrigation and hydro capital improvement projects.  Please contact FCA to learn more about how we partner with irrigators, resource agencies, engineering and consulting firms, and others to create positive outcomes for agriculture, communities, and the environment.