Modular Farmers screens are well suited to install locations with difficult access.

Modular screen sections bolt together on site.

Modular screen sections bolt together on site.

Modular construction

Installation of modular Farmers Screens is quick and easy.


FCA Project Manager Dan Kleinsmith working on a modular install.

Example Modular Screens

These Farmers Screen installations provide excellent examples of the features and benefits of the modular system.

Modular Farmers Screens

Easy to install fish screens for remote sites

Many small diversions are located in remote areas with poor or difficult site access.  Field fabrication and pouring concrete can become extremely difficult and costly at many remote sites.  The Farmers Screen Modular System™ was developed to provide for a relatively quick and cost effective installation.  Modular Farmers Screen systems consist of pre-fabricated steel sections and components that simply bolt together on site.  The screen system rests on a bed of compacted gravel and is backfilled with native material.  No concrete, welding, or electricity is required on site.

The modular system typically has the following components:

Inlet Flume:  The inlet flume provides a smooth transition to the screen structure.  The flume comes in two 10 foot sections which bolt to the screen structure.  The inlet end of the flume can be configured to accept a pipe, an open canal, or but to an existing flume.

Screen Sections:  A modular system can have from 1 to 6 ten foot long sections, depending on the maximum flow.  The sections will be either 3 feet or 5 feet wide, depending on the maximum flow.

Return Structure:  A modular system can have several different return structures depending on the site conditions and the preference of the project partners.  Typically, the system will have either a flume or a plenum box that connects to a pipe that carries the return flow back to the creek.

Sediment Management: A sediment management system can be built into the modular system if needed. A modular system can be purchased directly from FCA by landowners, engineering firms, state and federal agencies, or any other project developers.  FCA can provide any level of desired support during the development process.