Three Sisters Irrigation District's 30-160 CFS dual Farmers Screen

This screen handles a range from 30 - 160 CFS.

Middle Fork Irrigation District's 5-30 CFS dual Farmers Screen on Eliot Creek near Parkdale, Oregon, USA

View of the entrance to the dual screen flumes.

Simple sediment flush systems are often employed to clear fine sediment from under the screen material.

View to the dual screen flumes of a large 160 CFS Farmers Screen.

Example Dual Screens

These Farmers Screen installations provide excellent examples of the features and benefits of the dual configuration Farmers Screen.

Fish Screens for Wide Flow Range:

Dual Farmers Screens

Meeting fish protection standards through the entire range of expected flows for a diversion can be difficult.  In order to address this issue, FCA designed a dual screen configuration for the Farmers Screen™.  During low flows, only one screen is operated but as flows increase, the second screen bay can be activated to maintain proper velocities and debris management.