FCA's Dan Kleinsmith collecting data during a site visit

Schedule your site visit

Contact FCA today to schedule a visit to your screen site to determine suitability for a Farmers Screen. The Farmers Screen is a great option for many different site conditions and water uses, but if it isn’t a good fit for your project, we will help you connect with the makers of a screen that we think would work well.

Fish Screen Site Evaluation: Site Visit

The second step involves a site visit to gather more information. The site visit in this step should include the diverter and any potential project partners in order to be able to ask questions directly to those who might be able to provide good information. Photo and video documentation, a site sketch, detailed notes, a preliminary survey, and verification of previously gathered information should all occur in step 2. Following the review of all the information, a findings report should be generated with a recommendation regarding the suitability of the site for a Farmers Screen™.