Fish screen in operation - for operators

The Farmers Screen was invented by irrigators, and developed to address the needs of diversion operators while protecting fish.

Fish Screen Operation

The Farmers Screen™ is a low-maintenance fish screen. However, it is important to regularly inspect the screen system to ensure proper operation, particularly during the first year of operation.

FCA staff work with each screen’s stakeholders to ensure operation and maintenance needs of the Farmers Screen in understood. In addition, each Farmers Screen comes with an operation and maintenance manual.

The Operation and Maintenance Manual includes the following information:

  • Inspect daily during the first few weeks of operation to establish an understanding of how the system works and to ensure proper operation.
  • Inspect as needed (at least weekly) once proper operation through the expected flow range and water conditions has been observed.
  • Adjust flow into the system (adjust head gate) as needed to maintain desired screened water flow.
  • Pull drain plugs at the end of the operation season and re-install before beginning operation.