Data collected during the initial questionnaire and site visits helps ensure suitability for a Farmers Screen.

About the Questionnaire

The questionnaire is designed to gather preliminary information that will help FCA to determine how we can best serve your organization. The information will be confidential and will not be released to another party without your permission. If this information is provided to a government agency by you or another project partner, however, it will no longer be confidential.

FCA understands that some of the requested information may not be readily available, however, providing as much information as possible early in the process will help FCA to save time and money for our organization
and yours.

Click here to download the questionnaire

Fish Screen Site Evaluation: Initial Questionnaire

The first step of the process involves gathering information about the potential site such as high and low diverted flow, stream flow, and site topography. FCA’s initial questionnaire will provide enough information to determine if a site visit is warranted for further investigation. Download a Word (.docx) copy of the questionnaire here. Call FCA at 541.716.6085 if you have any questions about it or about how we will use the information.