Wide Flow Range Dual fish screen

Diversions with wide flow ranges use dual Farmers Screens.

Three Sisters Irrigation District's 30-160 CFS dual Farmers Screen

This screen handles a range from 30 - 160 CFS.

Badger Creek Dual Farmers Screen with head gates.

This screen handles a range from 5 to 30 CFS.

Badger Creek Farmers Screen

Head gates control the rate of flow.

These Farmers Screen projects are able to effectively screen diversions that have wide flow ranges throughout the year.

Screening the Wide Flow Range Diversion

Many diversions have wide fluctuations in diverted flow due to seasonal demand and stream flow. Maintaining screen performance and fish protection through a wide range of flows can be difficult.  The Farmers Screen™ can be configured in dual or multiple screen arrays in order to accommodate a wide range of flows and still meet performance and fish protection specifications.