FCA staff conducting tour of Davenport Farmers Screen (canal)

FCA's Les Perkins conducting tour of the FCA staff conducting tour of Davenport Farmers Screen

TSID Manager Marc Thallacker conducting tour of the Whychus Creek Farmers Screen for Trout Unlimited group

Tour of the East Fork Weiser River Farmers Screen installation.

Tours & Presentations Available

Tours of existing Farmers Screen installations, model demonstrations, and in person presentations are available to groups interested in learning more about this innovative fish screening technology.

Contact FCA to request more information, to schedule a screen tour or request a presentation in your offices.

Visit a Farmers Screen Fish Screen

FCA conducts tours of existing Farmers Screen™ installations regularly for engineers, fish biologists, agency representatives, members of the media, and other interested groups regularly.

There are several Farmers Screens easily accessible from FCA’s office in Hood River, Oregon.

FCA staff are also available to give presentations on the Farmers Screen technology. Contact FCA today to schedule a tour or presentation.