Implementing a Farmers Screen Project

How to Implement a Farmers Screen fish screen project

Les Perkins on a site visit

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Contact FCA today to request a quote, schedule a site visit, or begin the initial evaluation process for your project. You can also call FCA’s office at 541.716.6085 anytime Monday – Friday to speak with someone about your project.

Implementing a Farmers Screen Project

With more than ten years of experience working on fish screening and passage projects in several western states, FCA can provide support for all aspects of your project to help keep the process moving smoothly.


  • Site survey guide
  • Installation guide and videos
  • Comprehensive operation manuals
  • Operator training
  • Project design support at any level
  • Project construction support at any level
  • Permitting support at any level
  • Funding support (grant writing)

FCA has developed great tools for determining if a Farmers Screen™ can work for your site.  The process begins with a phone call or email to FCA.

  • Initial Questionnaire:  this document is used to gather initial information that will allow FCA staff to determine if a site has the right characteristics to warrant a site visit.
  • Site Visit Guide:  these documents allow either FCA staff or a Project Manager to gather more detailed information to determine if a Farmers Screen will work for the site or if another technology is more appropriate.
  • Survey Guide:  this guide provides instructions for a surveyor so that the right data is collected to allow for project design and implementation.