South Fork Gordon

3.25 CFS Modular


Quick Facts

  • Location: Corbett, Oregon
  • Basin: Sandy River
  • Engineering Partners: Pace Engineering
  • Partners: Corbett Water, FCA, Pace Engineering
  • Installation Date: September 2014

This Farmers Screen project addresses the following issues:


Corbett Water District supplies drinking water to approximately 1,100 households in the vicinity of Corbett, OR.  One of Corbett Water’s sources is a surface water diversion on the South Fork of Gordon Creek. South Fork Gordon Creek is a high gradient stream surrounded by a mix of conifers and deciduous trees, providing high levels of organic debris.

This diversion is a secondary diversion and only supplies water when flows are high enough to divert (typically just a few months out of the year). The diversion is very remote and difficult to reach, particularly in the winter months.

Corbett Water replaced an out of compliance fish screen and diversion structure with a modular Farmers Screen, a new head-gate, a new diversion structure that allows up and down stream fish passage, and a new connection of the screened water to the existing pressure pipeline.


The previous diversion structure blocked upstream passage during low flows. Additionally, the previous screen was located within the diversion structure, in the stream channel, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Neither the screen nor diversion structure met state or federal criteria for passage or screening.

The new Farmers Screen system delivers a reliable flow of water to the filtration plant and to a micro-hydroelectric system, while allowing upstream and downstream fish passage. This is the second Farmers Screen installation for Corbett Water District, making their system screened completely with the Farmers Screen technology.