Scott Ditch

26 CFS Custom Farmers Screen

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Naches, WA
  • Basin: Yakima
  • Engineer: Paul Tappel, Fisheries Engineers, Inc.
  • Partners: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Yakama Nation Fisheries, Bonneville Power Administration, Fisheries Engineers, Inc., South Naches Irrigation District, and FCA.
  • Installation Date: April 2013

This Farmers Screen project addresses the following issues:

The Scott Ditch project represents the first installation of a Farmers Screen in the state of Washington. This project included removal of an existing rotary drum screen, modification of an existing flow control/bypass structure, construction of a new entry flume, horizontal fish screen, sediment control system, and fish return/by-pass structure. The new custom Farmers Screen system provides a maximum of 26 CFS screened water for South Naches Irrigation District while protecting Bull Trout, Chinook Salmon, and Lower Columbia Steelhead. Oregon Public Broadcasting’s EarthFix reported on the project’s purpose and impact here.

The South Naches Irrigation District diversion known as Scott Ditch is located several hundred yards down a conveyance coming off of the Naches River. The diversion runs at a fairly uniform flow throughout the irrigation season with seasonal loads of both sediment and organic debris. Bull Trout, Chinook Salmon, and Lower Columbia Steel head are all present in the Naches River at this location.

This new Farmers Screen system replaced an existing rotary drum screen that was out of compliance and had operation and maintenance issues. South Naches Irrigation District and WDFW chose the Farmers Screen for low operation and maintenance costs, as well as proven fish protection capabilities.

Project funding was provided by Bonneville Power Administration through the Yakama Nation Fisheries program. Civil and hydraulic engineering was provided by Paul Tappel of Fisheries Engineering, Inc. with input from all project partners. The Farmers Screen design and components were provided by FCA, while  construction and screen installation was provided by WDFW’s Yakima Screen Shop. The Scott Ditch project was truly a collaborative effort to address a site which had been without a solution for over a decade.