North Green Point Creek

9 CFS Custom Farmers Screen

Owned by:
Farmers Irrigation District

This Farmers Screen project addresses the following issues:

North Green Point Creek Farmers Screen immediately after install.

The North Green Point project involved removal of an existing fish screen, removal of a no longer used diversion structure, and construction of a new horizontal Farmers Screen with a new fish return.

Location: Hood River, Oregon
Basin: Hood
Owner: Farmers Irrigation District
Partners: USFW, NRCS, Farmers Irrigation District, ODFW, Natl. Marine Fisheries Service, Hanel Development, Specialty Metal Fabrication, Interfluve
Funding: USFW, NRCS, Farmers Irrigation District
Installation Date: November, 2006

Site Challenges:
• Remote site with difficult access
• Endangered species present
• Tight working conditions
• In-water work

Construction began on October 30th, 2006 and was completed on November 4th, 2006.
North Green Point Creek is a tributary to the West Fork of the Hood River, prime spawning habitat for both Salmon and Steelhead. This project removed the last man made barrier to fish passage on this tributary and fulfilled the requirements of the Farmers Irrigation District Sustainability Plan as well as the Hood River Watershed Action Plan.

Water enters the diversion through a head-gate located on the edge of the stream. The water flows down a steel inlet flume and onto the screen surface. Screened water enters a pipe and is conveyed to the Farmers Irrigation District system, while the cleaning water falls off the screen into a plunge pool and then flows down an open return channel and back into North Greenpoint Creek.

A 100 year old cedar snag that endangered the work site was felled and part of the tree was placed across the creek as fish habitat and other parts of the tree were used to construct the return water roughened channel which returns back to North Green Point Creek. After work was completed the entire worksite was reseeded with native plants and new fir and cedar trees replanted.