Glendale Ditch

2 CFS, Two Section Modular Farmers Screen

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Glendale, Idaho
  • Basin: Weiser River
  • Partners: Glendale Ditch Company, USFW, NRCS, North Central Highlands RC&D
  • Installation Date: Fall of 2008

This Farmers Screen project addresses the following issues:

View to leading edge of the screen.

The Glendale Ditch utilizes water diverted from the Weiser River in central Idaho.  This ditch had not been screened prior to the installation of the two section modular Farmers Screen unit.

This project involved a lot of in-stream work to establish a new rock weir to direct flow into the Glendale Ditch.  NRCS provided the design services and construction oversight.  The new rock weir directs flow to the diversion where the water flows through a head gate and into a pipe.  The water exits the pipe and enters the fish screen where the screened water flows on to an open canal and the cleaning water returns to the river via a pipe.  This Farmers Screen has a maximum capacity of 4 CFS.