FID Plant 3 Forebay

75 CFS Custom Farmers Screen

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Hood River, Oregon
  • Basin: Hood River
  • Partners: Farmers Irrigation District, Anderson Perry, Crestline Construction
  • Installation Date: October 2010

This Farmers Screen project addresses the following issues:

Overhead view, showing the unusual taper ratio used for this screen.

Farmers Irrigation District has 4.8 MW of hydropower production capacity.  In order to protect the turbines, the water entering the penstock must be free of debris.  In October of 2010, FID installed a custom Farmers Screen just upstream of the fore bay of their penstock in order to manage debris that accumulates in their conveyance canal.  This water has already been screened for fish at the point of diversion so this structure was designed specifically to handle debris.

Due to site constraints and the need to minimize by-pass flows, this debris screen has a much more radical taper angle than traditional Farmers Screens.  By-pass flows are recaptured and sent to the fore bay while screened debris is removed periodically from the system.  Typically, about 75 CFS is run through this debris screen but volume can fluctuate depending on the time of year.  This debris screen system includes improved emergency by-pass functions to reduce District liability due to canal failures.