East Fork Weiser River

16 CFS Custom Farmers Screen

Quick Facts:

SMF's Jeff Niles and FCA's Dan Kleinsmith with the newly completed screen.

This was the first small Farmers Screen install, and (along with the installation of the North Green Point screen in the Hood River Valley in Oregon), inspired the development of the modular system.

This diversion was not screened prior to this installation.

Site Challenges:
• Remote site

This Farmers Screen was fabricated off-site entirely out of steel and transported to the diversion site, where it was then welded together. Now, the modular system provides a quick and easy install in which entire prefabricated sections of the screen are simply bolted together on site.

This diversion was not screened prior to the installation.

Dave Hogen, a fish biologist with the US Forest Service, designed and helped build the return channel for the cleaning water.

Installation of the screen took three days and involved a front end loader and an excavator. Water was diverted around the construction site with a bypass pipe to maintain water supply to irrigation customers.

This screen was designed to handle up to 16 CFS but typically is only drawing around 6 CFS.