Camp Creek

2.5 CFS Modular Screen

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Dee, OR
  • Basin: Hood River
  • Engineering Partners: Anderson Perry and Associates
  • Partners: Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs, Dee Irrigation, Hood River Watershed Group, and Crestline Construction
  • Installation Date: July 2012
  • This Farmers Screen project addresses the following issues:

Removal of a passage barrier and installing a screen on the diversion on Camp Creek were part of a much larger piping and barrier removal project undertaken by the Dee Irrigation District and the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs.

An old diversion structure was removed, a new diversion structure and Farmers Screen modular system were installed, and the stream was re-graded to allow fish passage.  A two section modular Farmers Screen with a 3.25 CFS maximum flow capacity was utilized at this site.

The new system consists of:

  • Two section modular Farmers Screen
  • New fish return flume design
  • Modular pre-cast concrete diversion structure

Camp Creek is a high gradient tributary to the West Fork of the Hood River.  This system has stable flows with high levels of organic debris in the spring and the fall.

This diversion was previously unscreened and featured a stream spanning concrete dam that blocked passage year round.  The new diversion structure and Farmers Screen system provides passage, fish protection, and clean screened water to the irrigators.

This project was the first to include a re-designed fish return flume which provides a more efficient and lower maintenance method for getting fish, debris, and by-pass flows back to the stream.