How FCA partners with engineers and consultants

Working with FCA modular

Fish screen installation - engineers

Tours & Presentations Available

Tours of existing Farmers Screen installations, model demonstrations, and in person presentations are available to engineering firms and consultants interested in learning more about this innovative fish screening technology.

Contact FCA to request more information, to schedule a screen tour or request a presentation in your offices.

Fish Screen Information for Engineers and Consultants

FCA is not an engineering firm, but instead works to partner with engineering and consulting firms to provide solutions for both natural resource managers and system operators.  FCA’s goal is to help create projects that create long-term solutions, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction that builds trust and loyalty in your company and FCA.

FCA’s goal is to provide the Farmers Screen™ to engineering firms and consultants as a solution, especially for diversions with high organic debris loads, high gradient, and/or high sediment loads.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Design of actual screen components
  • Provide boundary conditions (inlet and outlet design requirements)
  • Design review
  • Technical support at desired level
  • Fabrication and delivery of screen components
  • Installation or installation assistance
  • Process support (presentations, site visits, technical review, product information) at desired level

Engineering or Consulting Firm:

  • Site survey and conceptual design
  • Design of all civil works around the screen including diversion, head gate, inlet flume, screen housing structure, fish return structure, and connection to conveyance system. (Basically everything but the steel screen components.)
  • Hydraulic analysis/hydraulic grade-line
  • Construction oversight