Farmers Screen fish screens can be easily installed in remote locations.



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Why a Farmers Screen?

The Farmers Screen™ was developed by the Farmers Irrigation District in Hood River, Oregon to deliver consistent water to their water usesers and hydropower facilities. Of course, to do this, FID had to develop a fish screen that could handle gradient, address their overwhelming sediment issues, protect the many endangered species in their river system, and prevent screen clogging. After 10 years of research and design, FID created the Farmers Screen.


• Proven design means less risk
• Design options to fit diverse site conditions/issues
• Modular system provides fast, simple, and cost effective installation
• NMFS approved technology
• Thoroughly biologically tested design provides excellent fish protection
• Low operation and maintenance requirements mean less on-going costs for the operator
• High level of owner/operator satisfaction
• High level of support from FCA during design, construction, and project operation
• Low operation and maintenance requirement
• Consistent flows
• No moving parts
• No power needed
• Meets or exceeds all state and federal fish protection guidelines
• Handles a wide range of flows
• Works well in systems with high levels of organic debris
• Can be designed with sediment management for high sediment systems
• Works well for remote locations

Fish screening projects are complex and typically include a wide range of stakeholders with seemingly competing interests. The Farmers Screen is a solution that can bring stakeholders together around their common goals.