FCA Patent Plate installed on Lacomb Irrigation District's Farmers Screen.


  • The Farmers Screen is best suited for diversions that have fall and surplus water for bypass flow.
  • In order to successfully screen the great diversity of diversion types, site conditions, water uses, and hydraulic profiles throughout the world, a full portfolio of technologies is required.
  • In those cases where the Farmers Screen is not a good fit, FCA can provide recommendations to other screen technologies and providers.
  • Contact FCA today to see if the Farmers Screen might work for your project.

How It’s Different

Distinguishing characteristics from other types of fish screens:

The Farmers Screen™ is different from traditional screening technologies in several ways:

Horizontal: the Farmers Screen’s screen material lies horizontally, as opposed to vertically, allowing debris and fish to wash over the surface of the screen material.

No Moving Parts: the Farmers Screen has no moving parts which eliminates the need for a power supply and greatly reduces the maintenance associated with the screen.

Self Cleaning: the Farmers Screen is substantially self cleaning, meaning that under normal operating conditions the screen will not accumulate debris on the screen surface which again reduces the maintenance requirements and provides consistent fish protection.

Requires By-Pass Flow: the Farmers Screen requires by-pass flow to operate which provides protection from both injury and delay for fish as well as effective debris management.