FCA Hydro Case Study

The 56-page case study document is available for immediate download here.

FCA Irrigation Modernization Program Economic Evaluation FID Case Study: A case study on the economics of irrigation modernization here.

Hydropower in Irrigation Infrastructure

What’s the difference between irrigation districts that have hydropower and those who do not? What has been the impact of hydropower on the environment and community of the Hood River Valley?

These are the questions that FCA sought to answer when writing a case study about the three irrigation districts of the Hood River Valley.

The findings are striking.

Among a long list of accomplishments, the two districts that have hydro have:

  • Generated nearly $90 million in revenue
  • Provided match funding for $58 million in infrastructure improvements
  • Installed 96 miles of pipe
  • Conserved 23,700 acre feet (7.7 billion gallons) annually
  • Installed 11 fish screens
  • Removed 30 passage barriers
  • Produced 50 million kilowatt hours annually.

A third local district, that does not have hydro, has also been able to make some progress on improving water deliver and fish protection. However, without hydro there has not been the funding for projects or match dollars to implement large-scale vision. To read more about the three irrigation districts in Hood River Valley, the impact of hydropower, and the potential for in conduit hydropower, download the case study by clicking the link to the right.

Irrigation districts interested in evaluating their diversion sites and systems for off-stream hydropower generation potential can contact FCA’s Les Perkins at les.perkins@FCAsolutions.org or by calling 541.716.6085.