Help Spread the Word

Download this informational flyer about the search program and share with water users, irrigation districts, and domestic water utilities in your area. The flyer explains the basic criteria that must be met to be involved in the program; how an irrigation district or municipal water utility can get involved; and what they can expect. The press release is also available here.

Interested in Hydropower?

If you have ever considered doing hydropower on your system, but were not sure where to begin, FCA may be able to help with one of two programs:

Evaluate your system’s potential for hydropower

FCA is working (with funding from the Energy Trust of Oregon and Bonneville Environmental Foundation) to identify irrigation districts, municipal water suppliers, or other water users that have the potential to generate hydropower. FCA’s Les Perkins is managing the outreach project:

FCA is especially interested in potential hydro projects that are:

  • Currently diverting for irrigation, hydro, municipal, or other water use
  • Located within a water conveyance system
  • Will use only the quantity of water currently being diverted
  • Meet or will meet fish screening and passage requirements

If you believe your system may have the potential for hydropower, please contact FCA at 541.716.6085 or via email to You can also fill out this questionnaire.

Developing or relicensing a hydropower project

If you have a site where you think a hydropower project will work, or are preparing for relicensing, FCA can help water users with the planning, relationships, funding, and partnerships essential to make a hydropower project successful. For more information, please contact FCA at 541.716.6085 or via email to