Evaluate Your System

FCA offers a free analysis of the system’s potential for optimization through a hydro outreach program funded by Energy Trust of Oregon and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. You can begin this process by downloading the Hydro Optimization Questionnaire and filling it out as much as possible with information about your water system infrastructure and hydro plant operations. This is a fillable Word Doc (.docx) available for download here.

What’s the difference between a fish and a stick?

To your hydro system: nothing. They both get stuck. Disrupt your flow. And cost you money.

It’s a myth that proper fish protection is expensive. The reality is: by optimizing your flow, and ensuring fish and debris stay in the river where they belong, your revenue will be optimized. Optimal fish protection and debris management are one in the same. There is no competition.

Learn about others who have used the Famers Screen™ to optimize their hydro flow, increased their fish protection, and dramatically reduced their operation and maintenance costs:


What is my flow efficiency?

It’s the question every hydro owner, operator, and designer should be asking.

Using a properly designed screen that is well suited for your hydropower facility can make a significant difference to your monthly bottom line. If your flow is constantly fluctuating, and operation and maintenance is an issue, a fish screen can be effective in improving your hydro system’s performance. To find out if a Farmers Screen can improve your operation’s performance, call FCA at 541.716.6085 or email les.perkins@FCAsolutions.org.