FCA Hydro

FCA’s Vision

FCA’s vision is to build a future where the 300,000 diversions in the western United States all have a fish screen. Behind each screen, wherever there is fall, hydropower is generated and untapped energy is harvested. Using only water that is currently diverted, fish-friendly base-load power is produced. The result: endangered species are protected; billions of fish lives are saved; landowners receive state-of-the art and desperately needed infrastructure; a scalable solution is launched nationally and internationally; and individual investors generate a profit by supporting sustainable, thriving agrarian communities.


The Farmers Screen and Hydropower

With the large number of diversions in the western United States, the potential for off-channel hydropower is extraordinary. A new generation of hydropower producers are developing off-channel, run-of-river projects that are low impact, fish friendly, and green.

To support the development of these projects, FCA is creating partnerships with various hydropower technologies to offer a portfolio of solutions to diverters looking to generate power. With the use of FCA’s Farmers Screen, a patented fish screen technology, hydropower is produced while the essential infrastructure is provided to protect fish, manage debris, and provide a consistent flow of water to the generator. With the right combination of diversion type, fish protection, and hydropower technology, true low impact green power generation can be realized. These hydro power packages will utilize a combination of tax credits, cost per kilowatt, and green tags or renewable energy certificates to offset the cost of installation.

The Energy Trust of Oregon projects the potential for 57,648,000 kWh in annual hydropower production from Oregon’s irrigation districts alone. Considering the potential is similar in Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and far greater in California, FCA will support a minimum generation capacity of 93 MW of hydropower within the next ten years. In addition, the result of FCA’s Farmers Screen and hydropower partnerships will be low-impact hydropower, landowner incentives to properly screen his or her diversion, green hydropower being added to the grid, distributed base-load power generation, reduced carbon emissions, and FCA’s ultimate goal, fish protection.