A Very Icy Farmers Screen

We are so thrilled with this video sent to us by our client Bob LeBlanc at Crystal Lakes Fish Hatchery near Fortine, Montana. For the past week or so, the air temperature lows have been near -20 degrees below zero at the screen location, and the water temperature at around 35 degrees. There is a layer of surface ice in the screen flume, but water is still flowing well through the screen, over the weir wall, into the attenuation bay, and back to the return channel.

Learn more about the Deep Creek modular project here. Thanks again to Bob for the video!

FCA’s Newest Farmers Screen is Washington’s First

And we are having a ton of fun celebrating it!

The Scott Ditch screen is a 26 CFS custom Farmers Screen that was installed by WDFW last March for the South Naches Irrigation District near Naches, WA. Complete details about the project are available here.

The project engineer, Paul Tappel of Fisheries Engineers, Inc. graciously hosted a big BBQ celebration at the project site last week. We were there to partake in the great food, drinks, and conversation with landowners and neighbors who were all happy to join in congratulating the project partners on a job well done.

Fisheries Engineers did a great job demonstrating the screen function and fish protection capabilities with the release of several juvenile salmon over the screen. This was followed by the release of the “Tappel Apples” – great fun and a really creative way to demonstrate how the Farmers Screen works to be self-cleaning.

Also on hand at the BBQ was public radio and EarthFix reporter, Courtney Flatt who published this article on the EarthFix blog, and this radio story for Northwest Public Radio.

All of us at FCA would like to thank Paul Tappel, Yakama Nation Fisheries, WDFW, and BPA for their partnership on this ground-breaking project. As FCA’s first Farmers Screen project in Washington state, this one is special. Thank you!