River Rally 2012 – “Rally Ho!”


It was back in 2010 that FCA first experienced the River Network’s ‘River Rally’ conference. High up above the Salt Lake Valley floor, surrounded by the best snow on earth at Snowbird Mountain Resort, we learned about this group and the Rally. It left such an impression on us that once we heard that the 2012 Rally was going to be held in Portland, OR, we immediately signed up to host one of the field trip days here in Hood River.

Farmers Screen at Coe Creek, during the River Rally Field Trip tour.

Farmers Screen at Coe Creek, during the River Rally Field Trip tour.

Working with River Networks’s Katherine Luscher, we secured a full-day field trip, bringing 23 folks from 12 states from the conference center in Portland up to the Hood River valley to tour a Farmers Screen installation, have a wine tasting and talk about organic practices and irrigation management with Scott Hagee at Pheasant Valley Winery, and to tour and taste at Full Sail Brewing company while learning about their water use practices that have set them apart from most of the industry.

Pheasant Valley Winery's Scott Hagee talks to the group.

Pheasant Valley Winery’s Scott Hagee talks to the group.

The weather couldn’t have been better, the group nicer, or our itinerary stops more impactful. We were able to show these great people around this amazing area that we work and live in, introduce them to some people that are working hard to protect fish and resources, and let them have a great time in the process.  A big “thank you” goes out to the kind people of River Network for making this tour possible, Craig DeHart with Middle Fork Irrigation District, Scott at Pheasant Valley winery, and Lisa and Randy at Full Sail. Everyone enjoyed the day and the time that you took out of your day to be with us.

River Rally conference - that's Roy in the lower right.

River Rally conference – that’s Roy in the lower right.


Rally Ho!

Newest Farmers Screen now running in Corbett, Oregon.

From Dan:

I was out at Corbett Water yesterday morning for the start up of their new Farmers Screen. There are a few changes that need to be made to the fish return pool, but other than that it performed beautifully. The Corbett Water intake comes off the North Fork of Gordon Creek, on the back side of Larch Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge. Beautiful place, but I’m convinced it rains every day. There are ferns growing out of ferns, growing out of moss alongside the access road leading up the intake. That kind of tells you something about the place.

For this design, we placed the screen inside an existing flush out bay and left enough room under the new screen for a new 10” flush out pipe. In this design, water enters the headgate and is hydraulically pushed up into the inlet flume by the elevation of the existing diversion dam. Water flows through the screen, into the attenuation bay, then out a pipe that connects into the water district’s existing mainline, just down from their old intake screen. The new screen is 20’ long with a 10’ long inlet flume.

This site was absolutely a perfect fit for a Farmers Screen.  I’ll be back up there in a few weeks to take the glamour shots once the district has put on the finishing touches, so stay tuned.




FCA attends California Salmon Restoration Federation con for first time in Sacramento, CA


A couple of years ago, while attending the River Networks’s annual River Rally conference at Snowbird in Utah, someone said to me “FCA should attend SRF.”  That person was so right. The California SRF conference was a great first step for FCA to make to introduce our screen technology to a new area and for us to hear where they are in screening and fish passage.

One of the main presentations - so inspiring to see so many people working for fish!

One of the main presentations – so inspiring to see so many people working for fish!

I submitted an abstract for Les to present on our lessons learned and it was accepted as part of the fish passage workshop held a couple of days before the conference kicked off.  The workshop was well attended with about 125 people turning out to hear the presentations and participate in the Q&A sessions.  Les did a great job presenting our technology to a group that had never before heard of FCA or the Farmers Screen.

Les presenting during the fish passage workshop.

Les presenting during the fish passage workshop.

The conference itself was a great place for us to meet folks in the industry and to hear about what they were trying to do to protect fish and deliver irrigation water.  I felt like it was a great place for us to hear about projects, concerns, and activities of people working on these issues in regions beyond where we have been focusing our efforts. California has a lot of opportunities for the Farmers Screen and FCA and I feel like Les’s presentation highlighted how our screen can be used to help them. We’ve already received a couple of phone calls from water users and we are pretty excited about helping them out.