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When Hobbies Attack at FCA!

As everything we do at FCA revolves around innovation and invention, it’s no surprise we have some pretty creative thinkers on staff. Today we thought we’d share just a couple examples of how FCA’ers bring their creativity to work. Genevieve Scholl-Erdmann heads up FCA media, public relations, and metrics data reporting. She is also an … Continued

Lamprey Screening Research Underway at USGS

We are very excited about the work being done by Matt Mesa and his team at the USGS Western Fisheries Research Center, Columbia River Research Laboratory to benefit juvenile lamprey. EarthFIX reporter Courtney Flatt visits the lab in this video. (Obviously, we are also excited to see the Scott Ditch Farmers Screen, installed earlier this … Continued

A Very Icy Farmers Screen

We are so thrilled with this video sent to us by our client Bob LeBlanc at Crystal Lakes Fish Hatchery near Fortine, Montana. For the past week or so, the air temperature lows have been near -20 degrees below zero at the screen location, and the water temperature at around 35 degrees. There is a … Continued

On the Road

This just in from Roy: It was 7 days away from home, 1500 miles of highway, 2 conferences and countless conversations about the Farmers Screen.  It’s been a great couple of weeks for myself and Les Perkins. We started by making the drive down to Bend, Oregon, for the Northwest Hydroelectric Association’s Small Hydropower Workshop. … Continued