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FCA Staff


Julie Davies O’Shea is the Executive Director of FCA. Julie’s experience in business and strategic planning, branding, market development, and fundraising, combined with her background in environmental, renewable energy, and irrigation projects guide her work implementing FCA’s vision to benefit both agriculture and the environment. Julie specializes in new trends in technology transfer, social entrepreneurship, using metrics for management, organizational evaluation strategies, social capital, as well as licensing and patents for nonprofits. Contact Julie via email at julie.oshea@fcasolutions.org.


Les Perkins is the Business Development Director of FCA.  Les’s experience in new product development, marketing, and distribution guides his work to lead FCA’s efforts to broaden market saturation for the Farmers Screen. Les is also currently serving in his fourth term as a Hood River County Commissioner. Contact Les via email at les.perkins@fcasolutions.org.


Dan Kleinsmith is Project Manager for FCA.  Dan worked as a project manager for Farmers Irrigation District (FID) for more than 12 years, and was a member of the team that developed the Farmers Screen.  Dan brings this extensive, highly specialized expertise to manage every Farmers Screen installation project, guiding each through site suitability evalauation, to design, install, and post-install project evaluation.  Since joining FCA, Dan has continued to refine the technology and develop new innovative approaches to technological issues. Dan is an amateur photographer, and took many of the images featured on this website. Contact Dan via email at dan.kleinsmith@fcasolutions.org.


Roy Slayton is Sales and Outreach Manager for FCA.  Before coming to FCA, Roy handled $3.5 million in annual sales for DEWALT through his service to independent retailers.  Roy’s expertise in industrial scale sales is integral to FCA’s outreach activities.  Roy manages all new sales inquiries and leads new market development and partner relations for FCA.  Contact Roy via email at roy.slayton@fcasolutions.org.