FCA’s Impact to Date

  • 657.2 cubic feet per second of diverted water converted to fish-friendly diversions.
  • 34,545 acres of farmland protected
  • 13 MW generation capacity of green, fish-friendly hydropower enabled
  • 222.31 river miles opened for safe fish passage
  • $484,200 dollars saved annually in avoided operation and maintenance costs

FCA’s Impact and Our Metrics

At the core of FCA is ensuring our work benefits both agriculture and the environment. To be accountable towards this vision, FCA is very committed to maintaining goals and benchmarks, tracking progress towards these targets, and using this data to project the level of impact FCA’s future work will have.

FCA’s Impact to Date

Since 2006 FCA has installed 32 Farmers Screens, opened 222.31 miles of stream for safe fish passage, saved landowners roughly $484,200 annually in reduced operation and maintenance costs, and enabled the development of 13 MW of fish-friendly hydropower generation capacity.

River miles opened and dollars saved

FCA’s measured river miles opened and dollars saved, with projections to 2018.


Future Impact Projections 

By 2018, FCA will install 323 Farmers Screens™, open 2,200 stream miles for safe fish passage, save landowners more than $4 million in avoided operation and maintenance costs, and support the development of 93 MW of fish-friendly hydropower capacity.


MW of fish-friendly hydro enabled, with conservative revenue estimates.

MW of fish-friendly hydro enabled by Farmers Screen installations, with conservative revenue estimates.


How Future Impact is Projected

With FCA’s metric tracking system, FCA has collected extensive data on past projects and activities. Using this collective of information, FCA creates per project averages.  To create future social outcome projections, FCA then uses the screen installation projections established by proforma and applies the metric averages to each projected installation.


Metrics Tracking Methodology

Metrics data are collected in the field by FCA staff in a variety of ways, including: interviews with land owners, irrigation district personnel, fish biologists, water masters, restoration consultants, and other project partners; on-the-ground flow metering, surveys, and other site condition observations; and third-party confirmed impact calculators and multiplier formulae. FCA utilizes Salesforce’s NonprofitForce online CRM tool, in a highly customized format, to track and evaluate all ecological and economic metrics resulting from Farmers Screen projects on a quarterly and yearly basis.


Key Metrics Defined

FCA tracks 101 different data points to track our impact, evaluate organizational efficiency, and for planning and management.  The following is a list of a few of the key metrics we use to evaluate the impact of our work, and how we define each:

Stream miles opened: Total number of river miles upstream of the barrier removed by each Farmers Screen installation, to the next barrier.

Acres of farmland protected: Total number of acres of farmland served by the Farmers Screen installation.

Fish friendly CFS: Total number of cubic feet per second of diverted flow that is screened by a Farmers Screen installation, allowing safe passage for fish.

Fish friendly, green hydro megawatts (MW) capacity supported: Total number of off-channel hydropower MW, with the Farmers Screen providing fish protection.

Hydro power revenue generated: Based on 65% capacity, at $0.06 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

Dollars saved by landowners: Total savings in avoided operation and maintenance costs for FCA clients as a result of a Farmers Screen installation.