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Growth Capital Campaign

FCA has just launched a growth capital campaign. To receive a copy of the prospectus, contact Julie O’Shea at

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Interested in supporting FCA?  If so, there are a number of ways FCA could use your help. Below is an incomplete list of ways your support would be greatly appreciated.

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Most people don’t even know fish screens exist, let alone know about FCA’s Farmers Screen™ technology. Any opportunity to share the story of FCA and/or the Farmers Screen is greatly appreciated.

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FCA is always looking for new opportunities to connect with others interested in agriculture, environmental organizations (especially ones concerned about fish, rivers, or sustainability), green infrastructure, hydropower, and social enterprise. If you know of someone or an organization FCA should connect with, please let us know at



One of FCA’s primary goals is to be 100% sustained by Farmers Screen revenue. FCA projects it will be self-sustaining in 2015. Until this time, FCA operates through a combination of Farmers Screen sales, grants, and low interest loans. If you are interested in making a donation to FCA, please contact