Growth Capital Campaign

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Contact FCA’s Executive Director, Julie Davies O’Shea for more information or to request a full copy of the Growth Capital Prospectus at

Growth Capital Campaign

Since 2006, FCA has been working to play a catalytic role in the irrigation and micro-hydro infrastructure industries in the Pacific Northwest. As the sole source of the Farmers Screen, FCA has built a team with specialized expertise in social enterprise, technology transfer, market development, project management, and regulatory navigation. Now, with federal approval in hand, a refined technology, and an organization prepared to scale, FCA is well positioned for significant growth regionally, nationally, and internationally. Since the launch of the campaign in 2012, FCA has raised $1.482 million in growth capital that will maintain operations until 2016, when FCA is 100% sustained by operations.

The result of FCA’s work and this growth capital investment will be:

  • Installation of 325 fish screens
  • Open 2200 river miles for safe fish passage
  • Save landowners $4.1 million annually
  • Enable production of $31 million annually of green, fish-friendly hydropower generation
  • Increase revenue by 402% by 2018

FCA is offering philanthropic investors a rare opportunity to support a nonprofit social enterprise on the verge of revolutionizing irrigation and developing truly fish-safe hydropower in the western United States and beyond. To articulate FCA’s vision, strategy, and plans for achieving widespread impact, FCA has developed a prospectus. For a copy of the complete prospectus or for more information, please contact FCA’s Executive Director, Julie Davies O’Shea at