Meet Dave, the Ditch Walker

Dave Iverson, Ditch Walker

Dave Iverson near the Upper Badger Creek diversion, photographed by FCA's Dan Kleinsmith

We first met Dave Iverson during a site visit to the Upper Badger Creek diversion in Wasco County, Oregon, during the planning stages of a 30 CFS Farmers Screen install. This project was in a very remote site and opened 6.91 river miles for safe fish passage while serving 3,610 acres of farmland.

Dave has been the ditch walker for a long time and knows his stuff. His weekly trek to the site is 2.5 miles one-way. I say “trek” because there are no roads to the site. Rain or shine, the ditch walker is responsible for maintaining proper water flow down the ditch to the users. He is also the guy that has to jump into the creek to adjust the check boards across Badger Creek and after getting to know him, I doubt he cares if he’s wearing any hip waders. This is one tough individual. Dave is the go-to guy for getting things done, and he does a great job for his irrigation group.

We look forward to chatting more with Dave and learning how the Farmer Screen installation has helped him get his job done.


— Dan Kleinsmith, FCA Project Manager