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Low Head Loss

Only 1 foot drop in elevation needed to operate.

Any Size CFS

We can screen the biggest to the smallest CFS you have.


Meets National Marine Fisheries Service criteria.

Fish Stay Safe

Tested 8 times for fish protection.

No Moving Parts

No parts to break or get clogged. No more late-night ditchwalking!

Low O&M Costs

No power needed to operate, so pumping costs are eliminated

How It Works…

The Farmers Screen™ uses hydraulics to remove debris and protect fish. It has no moving parts and does not require power to operate.

Water moves over the horizontal screen material at a relatively high velocity and moves through the screen material at a very low velocity. This velocity combination carries fish and debris over the screen and back to the source with no clogging. The resulting screened water is carried to irrigators via pressurized pipe or canal.

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